Thursday, 17 November 2016

Life Cycle of a frog

We are learning about frogs and the life cycle of them. Miro brought in some tadpoles so we have something else to learn about.

A Frog’s Life Cycle
A frog is an amphibian that lives underwater and on the surface. It takes lots of weeks for the legs and the arms to come out of the skin. There are three stages in a life cycle, the egg stage, the tadpole stage and then the frog stage.

The egg is the first stage of the frog life cycle. The egg takes a couple of days till it hatches, the egg is made out of a sort of jelly. When it’s ready to hatch the baby tadpole starts to wriggle its way out of the jelly. When the eggs are hatching they are all together. The eggs look gooey, slimy, made out of jelly, and the jelly is protective.

Tadpoles are the stage after the egg stage. The tadpoles can swim in the water and be free out of the protective jelly. Tadpoles are very small when they just come out of their eggs. Some tadpoles can stay in their eggs until they are frogs. Tadpoles are little, they are black and will always have their tails, they lose their tails when they are baby frogs.

Frogs are the stage after the tadpole stage. Frogs are the biggest stage in the life cycle of frogs. They can now be free in ponds and on land, the frogs can also bounce and have their own babies. The frogs can bounce everywhere on lily pads.

The egg stage is when they're just born, a tadpole can swim around in a tank and a frog can bounce around anywhere.

Thursday, 3 November 2016

Cricket Slideshow

On Tuesday 1st of November we played cricket with a cricket coach. We played three different games. One of the games was confusing because I didn't know when to run. I learned that when you're the batter you don't stand straight you stand side on. Another thing that I learned was keep your eye on the ball.