Friday, 31 August 2018

We Need Headphones

In class we have been writing about headphones and if we should keep them or not. Some people picked against and some people picked for. Here is my writing


Firstly we should keep the headphones otherwise if we don’t there will be no reason to have a playlist.
Jo would have wasted her time on putting all of that music on our playlist for nothing.

Secondly if we don’t have headphones then our class will be like a huge disco.
People will be yelling and wanting to get up and dance or sing to the song that a person is playing and then other people will start getting distracted.

We can also block off all of the sounds that distract us when we have headphones.
Because when you don’t have headphones some people might be talking or some people might be yelling or making some annoying noise with the tape by ripping off and pulling on it.

Finally people don’t only use them to listen to music, headphones are also used to listen to the video your watching or just to concentrate on your work.
You start to see people with youtube or something like that on one of their tabs and see them watching it and that video is most likely to have sound.

In my opinion I think that headphones have to stay in the class because we will get distracted. We should always have headphones even though people can get kind of distracted I think we should keep them so we can block off all noise.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Minecraft Mahomed Train Station

In class we have been doing reading activities and I have done a train station on Minecraft. The train station came from Mahomed's part of the book. Mahomed was hoping to get to Germany on the train and at the same time there was lots of refugees. Here are some pictures of my train station.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Emotive Words

In class we have been working on different types of words for spelling. We had the choices of, rhetorical questions, emotive words and way more that I can't remember. My buddy Ryan and I picked emotive words and then we put in some examples of emotive words and we also put a one sentence definition for what emotive words mean. Here is my DLO.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Refugee Camp/Minecraft

In class we have been reading a book called Refugee and one of the main characters, Josef, Josef's father went to a refugee camp and one of our activities was to make a refugee camp on Minecraft and that's what me and my two buddies did. The main things we put in were people and tents because a refugee camp is basically just a bunch of tents. Here are some pictures of our refugee camp.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Look into his Eyes

In class we have been writing about a boy from a picture and we had to describe what we could see was in his eyes. We also had three sentences that were basic and then we had to turn them into amazing sentences with lots of descriptive words. Here is my piece of writing.

Here are the basic sentences:
It is night time.

A boy walks on a road.

He sees a figure.

He feels happy.

Here are my sentences:

It’s a full moon night where the weather is stormy and the lightning is striking down on the trees starting forest fires where the trees fall down on each other and snapping in half.

Jacoby lumberes over to a little shelter that is dimly lit by a boiling hot fireplace that hasn’t been put out.

Jacoby hears a twig snap and slowly turns his head around like a turtle walking and spots a mysterious figure wearing black clothes so no one can see him.

He glances at the figure and still isn’t sure who it is so he starts shining a light at the figure and sees who it is, he starts to grin then he smiles, IT’S HIS LONG LOST DAD!

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Ali's Story

In class we have been writing about a story which is called 'Ali's Story'. We read this little picture book to refer to the chapter book we are reading called 'Refugee'. We got to write about it in two different ways. The first way we could write about this story is that we were the main character or we could write it in a way of being the narrator.