Monday, 9 December 2019

Mannequin Challenge

Lately in class we have been doing some Mannequin Challenges. If you haven't heard or don't know about it this a challenge where you have to find a position and stay still for as long as you can. Or at least until you have finished recording. You are meant to record it then upload it or do something with it. First we did 4 class ones then split off into groups and did as many as we can. Sadly none of us are allowed to post any of the class ones or some of our group ones because they weren't promoting good use of our chromebooks or behaviour. Here is one of my groups when we were on the playground.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Technology 2019

At tech in computer class we have been making some cools things that we can use or give to people. My buddy Ben and I at tech have been making a RC Car. We need a motor and a few things that a real RC Car would usually have. Here are a few photos of our Lego creation on it.

Spud Competition

On Sunday 8th December we are going to do a Spud weigh in. Our class had to make a poster for the spud competition. We have all sorts of spot prizes. Here is my mine and my buddy Ben's poster.

Saturday, 16 November 2019

Camp Advert

In class after camp this week, we had to make an advert for one of the activities that we did. Or we could make it on the Murchison Motorhome Park. We had to try and convince people to go there. I did my advert on the Buller Canyon Jet. Here is my advert.

Camp Highlight

After camp this week, we had to make a poster about one of our highlights on camp. We had to say what our highlight was and describe it in one or two sentences. Here is my poster.

Friday, 15 November 2019

Rotary Speech Competition

On Tuesday 19th of September I went to the Rotary Speech Competition. There were 16 speeches/speakers and only one of them was missing. Me and Ella had got chosen to go through to the Rotary Speech Comp. My favourite speech would have to be one of the Paroa speeches or one of the Grey Main speeches. My speech was about leukemia. In my speech I mentioned one of my friends from Rugby Union and Rugby League I also went to the same school as him for a little bit. Some speeches were really amazing and must have put heaps of time into practising. We had our meal which was a buffet. Then we did our speeches.

Camp Slideshow

Last week we went on school camp. My class (Room 6) went to Murchison for camp this year. We all had so much fun doing Jet Boating going Rafting and many more. After camp this week we had to make a slideshow about camp and then post it on our blogs. Enjoy. ;D

Thursday, 14 November 2019

Tuesday, 10 September 2019

Pet Day IPhone Text Message

In class we have been working on our Pet Projects. For one of our projects we did an IPhone Text message. We went onto a site then we wrote messages and things that we would write if our pet had a phone. It had to be based on an animal it didn't have to be about our pet or a animal that can't be a pet. It could be any animal in the world. We could either make it an animation or take a screenshot. I made mine as an animation. After we finished the text messages, we shared them with a buddy. They told us if we were either Beginner, Stepping up or a Smart Learner. My buddy said that I was a Smart Learner.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

Help Support Keil And His Family With His Leukemia

On August 1st my friend Keil, from my Rugby team, was diagnosed with T-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia; a cancer of the blood and bone marrow. He is going to need 3 years of chemotherapy. Please help and support Keil. Click on this link to read his story and to donate: Keil's Story It would mean the world to him and his family if you could donate. Thank you

Rugby Finals

On August 10th I had my finals game in Rugby. We played at Rugby Park/John Sturgeon at 10:00 o clock. This time we played Wests. To big forwards but the rest of them are quite small and fast. Faster than me probably. We won by a few tries. We luckily won the finals and we were so stoked when the game ended. Great job to Wests. They really put on a great game.

Rugby Semi Finals

On August 3rd I had my Semi Finals game. We played against Blaketown, one of the other best teams in the under 12's. We had a really tough game that day. Sadly in the last 15 minutes or so we had a scrum and it ended up collapsing. It fell back our way and my arm ended bending back to far. I didn't break it but it started to swell up. It was perfectly fine after about and hour or two. P.S The game before this game I got player of the day.

Thursday, 25 July 2019

About me and my family

For one of our homework assignments we had to make a slideshow about ourselves and our family to show who we really are to our new teacher-aid in our class. We had to include an experience(s), some of the pets we might have, the people in our family, some things you enjoy or like to do, our favourite subject and why then something we would like to learn about on our topic this term which is, Animal Antics. Here is my slideshow.

RC Cars Blogx

Me and my dad like to take the RC Cars that we have to the school. We drive them in the car park and on the court and field. Here is a old video of my dad driving the Drift Car. P.S He nearly hit me.


Saturday, 29 June 2019

Doubling and Halving

In class for maths we have been learning and using a new method called doubling and halving. We got to buddy up and make a DLO on doubling and halving. Here is the DLO.

My Mihi

In class we made our own mihi's. We explained who our family was and what our mountains were and stuff like that. We did our mihi's digitally on the chromebooks. Here is my mihi.

Friday, 28 June 2019


A few days ago my buddies Blake and Sophie have made a DLO on multiplication. We each did a question. Here is the DLO.


In class for maths we are learning perimeter. We were told to make a DLO on perimeter. We had to put on each slide or on a google drawing the definition of perimeter, an example of perimeter, then an equation on perimeter. Here is my buddy Blake and I's DLO.

Paper Power

In class we have been using an old method in maths. This is a method that our teacher used to use when she was in school she said. We call it Paper Power. We had to make a DLO for it then explain how to use the method. We also included an equation. The answer is already there but try not to look at it! Here is Blake and I's DLO.

Dogeminer 2, Gaming

Dogeminer 2 is a fun and easy game to play for everyone. It's not so hard but some things can be confusing. It automatically saves everything so that you don't have to keep restarting. Here is some new footage of me playing the game.


P.S This is for the BlogX Teams, I chose gaming and a few more ones that I like.

Dogeminer 2 Gaming

Dogeminer 2 is a fun and easy game to play for everyone. It's not so hard but some things can be confusing. It automatically saves everything so that you don't have to keep restarting. Here is some old footage of me playing the game.

Thursday, 27 June 2019

RC Cars

On Thursday 27th of June and Tuesday 25th of June my dad and I went to the school with our RC Cars (Remote Control Cars) and we drove them around the car park. We have six proper Traxxas cars. E-Revo, Slash Traxxas, Latrax Teton x2, Traxxas Ford Mustang GT and Traxxas Skully. I don't have any videos but I will see if I can publish a blog post with some videos of us driving the cars around.


On Saturday 22nd of June I played another game of Rugby. This time we played Kiwi and we playing on Marist grounds. I don't know what the score was but I think it was 40 something to about 10. I didn't get any injuries this time luckily. I wonder who we are versing next time and if we will win?

The Quest of Ben and Deakyn

This term we have been working on a production. We have already done the production but during this the film crew (Ben, Deakyn, Brody, Hannah) have been doing practice for our angles and how still to hold the camera. During this we captured some really funny faces then me and Ben made a funny iMovie (not really a movie.) Here it is.


Sunday, 16 June 2019


Again I played another greatly awesome game of Rugby on Saturday. This time we played Westland Hari Hari. We also played in Hari Hari. I got there about an hour early so we had to wait ages. I got another injury which really annoyed me again. We won the game again and I think the score was about 40 something to 20 something. My injury was getting an elbow to the head and now I have a huge bump on my head. Number 20 on the other team tried to strip the ball twice but he ended up elbowing me the second time he did it. I didn't get knocked out or anything but he just hit me really hard on the head. We got four injuries in our team and 3 of us had to come off for a bit. Me who got the elbow to the head, Robbie who got smashed in the face, Keil who got a bloody nose and Payton who hurt his shoulder in a ruck. For once I got quite a few runs that were good and carried the ball too.

Friday, 14 June 2019

Through My Window

In class we have been using a site called Quick Write. This site will give us a picture and a sentence challenge or a story starter. For this we write on our books not on the chromebooks. This helps us improve our handwriting skills much more since we use chromebooks. On Tuesday 11th June we got a picture and we had to explain what we see out of our windows (not really our windows) but it was more what we see good wise. Not whats actually outside your window. In class I did a good one but I thought that I could do better than that. So I decided to do one on the chromebook. Here it is.

What’s the first thing I do when I wake up, well open my eyes and take a breath of course but really I actually look out my window. When I look out my window I feel so calm and relaxed like nothing will ever happen to me and I feel like there is peace and harmony in the word everywhere but really you can’t solve that, can you. The view from my window is so beautiful that’s why it calms me, but when I look out, I think about what is really happening out in the world, like in those big places and countries like China, Russia and America, well if you guess what is happening I would say someone will probably be doing it. I also like to think about what scientists are doing and what is happening when people are researching so many things, like scientists are trying to find a cure for cancer and so many things on how to stop global warming from happening so fast and finding so many ancient and mysterious things that are from millions and thousands of years ago, like ancient animals that have been frozen for hundreds of thousands of years. But when I see people walking in the shade outside my window I think of all the bad things that happen and the things that are happening right this second. I mean when you think about it, people are killing and hunting down endangered animals. Especially how people treat their own pets, like when the owner will get drunk or their just not a good owner and they beat their pets. Especially dogs, because obviously dogs are naughty sometimes and they will continue to be naughty if you beat them. Same for humans. Bullying which is one of the biggest problems on earth today. Bullying is worldwide and it can happen anytime and anywhere. Everyone wishes there was a way to stop bullying, but really it’s impossible to do that. Not everyone can control their anger, and it would be hard for people with anger issues to have them be calm. So why don’t you look out your window right now and just stay calm and think about everything.

Saturday, 8 June 2019


On Saturday 8th June, I played a awesome game of Rugby. This time we played Blaketown, on Blaketown grounds. Again I know we won by heaps but I'm not sure what the score was. Luckily for Blaketown they actually got a try and the conversion about 30 seconds before the game ended. The look on their faces was hilarious, especially when they got the conversion. I played for most of the game but the last quarter I ended up on the bench. I had a really great time!

Sunday, 2 June 2019

Rugby Tournament

Here is another blog post about Rugby. I played in a tournament on Friday 31st of May, with my team Marist aka the best team, and two under 14's. We played against an Ashburton rugby team. I felt a little bad for Ashburton coming all this way then they end up losing. The annoying thing about the game is that it was freezing. If you asked all the kids playing they would agree. I could barely feel my hands and fingers. It was fun but I could only play one quarter of the game. I was off for the first quarter then on for the second. But just before halftime a really big forward on the opposite team stood on three of my fingers with metal sprigs. Luckily two of my fingers were fine I just couldn't feel them at all, they were completely numb. Then the third finger had a bent bone. The bone stuck out and it still is. It isn't so bad but I can barely feel my middle finger. Hopefully in about a month or in a few weeks it will be fine. I'm not sure what the score was but again, we definitely won.

Wednesday, 29 May 2019


I picked the Ruby group for the Blogx Toki Pounamu. Last Saturday 25th of May I played a game of Rugby with my team. The team I play for is Marist and the team we played was Wests Hokitika on Marist grounds. I'm not sure what the score was but I know we won.

Tuesday, 14 May 2019

Trian Safety Poster

In class we have been focusing on train safety. Every class was focusing on a different subject on safety. Everyone in the class made a poster with five different rules with trains and around trains. Here is my poster.

Kawa of Care

In class we have been learning how to look after our chromebooks. We chose three rules and wrote out the rules. Here is my comic.

Monday, 13 May 2019

Train Safety Video

In class we have been researching abut train safety. Every single class in the school have focusing on a topic about safety. Room 1 were learning about road safety. Room 2 were learning about bus safety. Room 5 were focusing on bike safety and Room 6 (our class) have been focusing on train safety. We learned how to be safe around trains and came up with about 5 reasons on how to be safe around trains. We grouped up and made videos and picked a rule for our videos. My buddies were Ben and Liam. Our rule was to wait for a train to go past before you cross. Here is our video.

Wednesday, 3 April 2019

Robert Muchamore Letter

In class for reading one of our activities was to write a letter to the author of the book we have been reading called The Recruit. We had to explain our thoughts and feelings about the book, and ask any important questions about the book. Our teacher had found the email that we could send the letter so the people that did letters sent their letter to the author. Here is my letter.

Dear Robert Muchamore

I am Deakyn from Awahono School in New Zealand. In class we have been reading your book “The Recruit” which is an awesome book.

Your book seems very interesting and has heaps of action scenes in it. It would be really cool to have the book myself, I would probably read it everyday for at least 2 hours.

When we first started reading the book I thought it was going to be quite boring, but then I really started to get into it. I think that it would be the best book I have heard in a while and would love to read over it again and again.

You have really described the characters in the book and the scenes. Will James end up living or trusting Ron again, or not? It would’ve been really cool if James had another brother and didn’t know.



Tuesday, 26 March 2019

Anzac Timeline

In class we have been researching about Anzac Soldiers. My soldiers name is Athol Hudson. We made a timeline on a site called which is a where you can make timelines, templates and lots of other things. On our timelines we put everything important about their life from when they were born until they died. Here is my timeline.

Thursday, 14 March 2019

The Recruit Wevideo

For reading in class everyone got to choose an activity to do. I gathered up a few people to help me make a scene from the book we are reading in class called The Recruit by Robert Muchamore. This scene is about when the main character James goes on a mission with his friends then finds his sister that he hasn't seen in ages. Then some of his old bullies come along and try to beat him up. Don't try any of this at home or school. Here is my video.

Tuesday, 12 March 2019

3R Animation

In class we have been making some animations about the 3 R's in our school. Respect, Resilience, Responsibility. First we started on some paper then made the animation on our chromebooks. In our animation we had to show one of the 3 R's at our school. Here is my animation.

Friday, 22 February 2019

About Me

During my free time I have made a google drawing about myself. Here is my poster.

Minecraft Underground Tunnel

In class we have been reading a book called The Recruit by Robert Muchamore. For one of the reading activities we built the London Underground Tunnel which was part of the book. I built this with my two friends, Ben and Liam. Here are a few pictures.
 Here is the entry of the Underground Tunnel

 Here is pathway through the tunnel
 Going back up
 Nearly out of the tunnel
 Here is the tunnels end

The Recruit Business Card

For reading in class we have been reading a book called The Recruit. In the book there is an eleven year old boy called Bruce Norris. We had to make a business card that he made in the book. On the business card it said "Bruce Norris kicked your A**". Here is a picture of the business card I made.

Tuesday, 19 February 2019

Thinklink About Me

For this weeks homework our create was to use Thinglink and make a poster to describe ourselves and what we would like to do in our lives and things we want to do in our lives. Our poster was based on a slideshow the class made individually called a Bio-Poem. Here is my poster.

Monday, 18 February 2019

Anzac Day Poster

In class we have been welcomed to Thinglink to make our Anzac posters. We had 5-7 facts on our poster. Once we had finished our poster we shared our posters to the juinors who didn't know much. Here is my poster.