Saturday, 16 November 2019

Camp Advert

In class after camp this week, we had to make an advert for one of the activities that we did. Or we could make it on the Murchison Motorhome Park. We had to try and convince people to go there. I did my advert on the Buller Canyon Jet. Here is my advert.

Camp Highlight

After camp this week, we had to make a poster about one of our highlights on camp. We had to say what our highlight was and describe it in one or two sentences. Here is my poster.

Friday, 15 November 2019

Rotary Speech Competition

On Tuesday 19th of September I went to the Rotary Speech Competition. There were 16 speeches/speakers and only one of them was missing. Me and Ella had got chosen to go through to the Rotary Speech Comp. My favourite speech would have to be one of the Paroa speeches or one of the Grey Main speeches. My speech was about leukemia. In my speech I mentioned one of my friends from Rugby Union and Rugby League I also went to the same school as him for a little bit. Some speeches were really amazing and must have put heaps of time into practising. We had our meal which was a buffet. Then we did our speeches.

Camp Slideshow

Last week we went on school camp. My class (Room 6) went to Murchison for camp this year. We all had so much fun doing Jet Boating going Rafting and many more. After camp this week we had to make a slideshow about camp and then post it on our blogs. Enjoy. ;D

Thursday, 14 November 2019