Friday, 21 February 2020


The other day we practised cricket at the Ahaura domain. We practised cricket because the cricket tournament in coming up. We will have two teams for cricket. Our first team with be mixed with Kumara, then our second team will be just Awahono. We are going to cricket on Tuesday 25th of February.  I can't wait to go to cricket because it will be so much fun. I am in the mixed team.

Friday, 14 February 2020

Descriptive Sentences

In class last week we had to do descriptive sentences about ourselves. Our teacher Miss Wilson said that we had to make sentences about ourselves as if they had never seen us before and wanted to know what we looked like. Here are my sentences

I have hair that resembles the dark gloomy night sky. I wear a pitch black volcom hat. My eyes are a sticky gooey caramel colour with a hint of lime green around my pupils. I have a whole world of freckles on my face. I always have a smug look on my face even though we are doing something boring in class.

2020 School Goals

In week one we made some goals for the year. We called them our 2020 goals. We had to write down our reading goal, writing goal, maths goal, personal goal and social goal. For our reading goal we had to write down what we wanted to achieve for reading if it was reading plus goals or just in general for reading. Our writing goal was something about our writing whether it was getting better or faster or adding more detail. Our maths goal had to be about want we want to achieve in maths if it was learning all our times tables or division. Then our personal goal was anything that we want to achieve throughout the year. Then finally our social goal was about making friends and stuff like that. Here are all my goals 

My Reading Goals: Get to level H on Reading Plus and try to get as many greens as I can.

My Writing Goals: I want to get better and faster at writing my stories and adding more detail.

My Maths Goals: I want to get better at doing my times tables and division.

My Personal Goal: I would like to get better at everything and try to participate in all of the sports tournaments throughout the year.

My Social Goal: I have completed my social goal. I have all the friends I will need until the end of the year.

Monday, 9 December 2019

Mannequin Challenge

Lately in class we have been doing some Mannequin Challenges. If you haven't heard or don't know about it this a challenge where you have to find a position and stay still for as long as you can. Or at least until you have finished recording. You are meant to record it then upload it or do something with it. First we did 4 class ones then split off into groups and did as many as we can. Sadly none of us are allowed to post any of the class ones or some of our group ones because they weren't promoting good use of our chromebooks or behaviour. Here is one of my groups when we were on the playground.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Technology 2019

At tech in computer class we have been making some cools things that we can use or give to people. My buddy Ben and I at tech have been making a RC Car. We need a motor and a few things that a real RC Car would usually have. Here are a few photos of our Lego creation on it.

Spud Competition

On Sunday 8th December we are going to do a Spud weigh in. Our class had to make a poster for the spud competition. We have all sorts of spot prizes. Here is my mine and my buddy Ben's poster.

Saturday, 16 November 2019

Camp Advert

In class after camp this week, we had to make an advert for one of the activities that we did. Or we could make it on the Murchison Motorhome Park. We had to try and convince people to go there. I did my advert on the Buller Canyon Jet. Here is my advert.