Friday, 8 May 2020

Mum's Super Power

This week we are focusing on mothers day stuff. So far we have had to write a poem, write a paragraph on why we love our mums and why we thank them so much, then we also had 10 questions written down and had to answer them and see who knew their mum the best, and finally we had the super power writing. For this we had to choose a super power our mum/stepmum would have. Then we had to write down 1-2 paragraphs on why they would have this super power. Here is my writing.

I asked Lucy (my stepmum) what her super power would be if she got to choose. She said to me either flying or super strength. I chose flying. Here are my reasons why I think she could have flying.

I think that Lucy would like the super power flying because it’s so much fun. Considering at the moment Lucy has a very sore foot she wouldn’t have to walk around but just fly around. It would also be a much funner and faster way to get around town and the valley. Noticing that when things are flying like planes they usually go way faster than anything. So if you were to fly you would be going pretty fast. Another thing about flying is you could save money. Such as when you drive you are paying for gas. So imagine how much money it would save if you could fly.

For some mums its very hard having children. Especially when they have at least 3 or more. Obviously I don’t live with 2 other siblings I only live with one other sibling. Lucy sometimes gets frustrated with my little brother because he’s always getting into trouble and making a mess. He is seriously a savage child this one. Lucy probably sometimes just wishes that she could get away from this child for even 15 minutes. That’s why I chose flying. So if she ever got too frustrated then she could just fly away and have some time to herself.

Thursday, 7 May 2020

Letter To Siblings

On Monday or Tuesday we had to write a letter about how thankful we were towards someone. It could've been siblings, parents, caregivers, grandparents, uncles and aunts, anyone that we were thankful for. I chose my siblings that live in Christchurch. I wrote how thankful I was towards them being the best siblings and always being there for me. We had to include, Dear (name) and the date then at the end we had to put either, Love (name) or Kind Regards (name). Here is my writing.

Date: 4.5.2020
Dear, Devanni, Dajar, Dartanyon and Dynasty
I am really missing you right now and I always have. Hopefully one day I can see you again. I’d really like to thank you for being the best siblings ever and being so nice to me whenever I would see you. Your such nice siblings and I wish that I could live with you guys sometimes you are amazing. Hope your staying in school and being good. I’m so happy that you guys are my siblings otherwise my life wouldn’t be the same without you guys in my life. I love you guys so much and so I’m so grateful to have the best siblings in history. Thank you so much for helping me create so many great memories with you that we can all laugh and cry over. I hope you are staying safe in quarantine. xoxo

Love your oldest sibling, Deakyn

Rugby 7's Rules

Last week on Friday we had a Olympics activity and had to choose a sport. For that sport we had to first actually choose the country we want to represent and why then we had to write out the rules of the sport we chose. So I chose the sport I liked the most. Rugby 7's. I had spent some time writing out these rules. Here is my writing.

Rugby 7’s Rules (Olympics)

When rugby 7’s is played the teams are split off with 7 players on each team and has a max of 5 reserves per game. They also have been permitted to have 5 substitutions. So in rugby 7’s once someone has been swapped with a reserve they cannot come back onto the field for the rest of the game. Unlike 15’s plays where if someone is swapped with a reserve they can come back onto the field.

The time in rugby 7’s in very different to lots of sports as they usually go longer that 40 minutes well not 7’s. Rugby 7’s is usually timed 7 minutes in each half, with a 1-2 minute half time break. In the grand final each half is ten minutes long. This is completely different to the normal 15’s rugby where each half is 40 minutes long and a 5-10 minute break.

The scoring system is very easy to remember and easy to keep track of during a game. A normal try is just 5 points, followed by a conversion where after you have scored a try you kick the ball over the post and if you make it you get 2 points for that conversion. But if you don’t make the conversion, oh well better luck next time. Then 3 points for penalties such as penalty drop goal or penalty try and normal drop goals rather than a place kick. Then once the conversion attempt has been made the scoring team will kick off to the opposing team.

Penalty and Stoppage of Play

A player that has received a yellow card will be sent off the field for 2 minutes (counted in game time not real time). Where as in the 15’s if you get a yellow card its usually ten minutes off the field. Forward passes in any rugby is not permitted. All passes have to be lateral or behind. If the ball has come off the player holding the ball and it either hits the ground or another player above the waist it counts as a knock on. Then a scrum is formed. A scrum is where 3 forwards will come and form a line joint together and interlock their heads with the other team. The scrumhalf feeds the ball into the scrum and the scrumhalf grabs the ball from behind. Sometimes when the ball is intentionally knocked on it is considered a deliberate knock on. When this occurs the player that has knocked the ball on gets sent off and the opposing team gets a penalty. If the ball goes out of bounds a lineout occurs. Lineouts take place between two (sometimes 3) players, with a player throwing the ball back in to play. When a penalty is called, the referee will raise his or her arm toward the team that gets the ball. The offending team then has to retreat 10 meters before they can rejoin play, and the attacking team has the option to tap the ball with their foot and run, kick it out of bounds for field-position advantage, attempt a drop goal, or have a scrum.

Thursday, 23 April 2020

Anzac Activity

For this activity we had to create a Lego scene that commemorates the soldiers that fought in the war. While I was at it I also created a war scene with the soldiers fighting. Here are the pictures. The top one will be the one commemorating the soldiers.

Wednesday, 22 April 2020

Anzac Activity

For this activity we had to create a piece of artwork such as a poppy or something that commemorates the soldiers and represents Anzac Day. For my piece of artwork I tried my best to recreate a picture of a poppy.

This is the original
This is my artwork

Anzac Activity

For this activity we had to read about a war leader called Colonel William Malone. We had to read a paragraph about him and list down five things that shows he had the quality to be a leader. After we had listed down those five things, we had to write about someone that seems like a leader to us. We had to list down a few things on why they were a leader to us. I chose Jonah Lomu as my leader. Here is my writing.

In my opinion Colonel William Malone was a very good leader trying to protect his men at all costs. He was always getting prepared knowing that the war would come sooner or later. He studied and he got into a routine everyday just to get ready for war and fight for his country. Even just as the war was declared to happen he volunteered and ended up getting being made commander of the Wellington Infantry Battalion. He had one of the best reputations at being a great war leader. My leader would have to none other than Jonah Lomu. He was one of the best All Blacks in history and he was my favourite rugby player. Jonah Lomu was also one of the fastest and strongest rugby players of all time. He also played for my favourite international rugby team the All Blacks. One day I hope I can be just as good as him and try to push myself as much as he pushed himself. Jonah Lomu is my inspiration and he always will be. He is a leader to me.

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

Anzac Activity

Since this week we are working on Anzac Day and we are doing Anzac activities one of the activities that we could do was write a story about our teddy. If you are wondering what I mean we had to dress up a teddy for a challenge and take a picture of it. So we thought why not write about that teddy. For this activity we had to write an adventure that our teddy has been on. Here is my story about my teddy Hugh.

As Hugh sat in front of my window I wondered what he was thinking and all the adventures he has been on. Maybe he went to war or maybe he was successful at one point in his life. Whatever it is i must’ve been hard. By the way Hugh always looks like he’s in a mood he makes it seem like he had a hard life. As Hugh wondered to himself he remembered the point in his life where he had to go to war. Hugh was one of the best of the best at the time. He was a bomber pilot. Dropping bombs on the enemies towns and villages. As Hugh looked back he could see them winning the war but really they didn’t. Whenever Hugh looks back on the war he thinks he would’ve had the same feelings that he had when they lost the war if they won it. Back in the war Hugh was the lead in the sky with his crew behind him and beside him flying over the opponents lands. But what their army didn’t realise was that their enemies were ready and waiting for the attack. As soon as Hugh’s team flew over the town and villages they got shot down one by one. Hugh wanted to leave but he didn’t. Hugh stayed with his crew in the air and helped the soldiers down on ground to win the war. Until one of the pilots got shot and the plane was descending and fast. It was heading straight for their own soldiers on the ground. Then the plane hit the ground. Leaving a huge explosion and half of the main town destroyed. There was only Hugh and his best mate left in the sky. Helping the reinforcements on the ground. They were trying to call in the backup planes but Hugh or his best friend didn’t have any codes to send back to headquarters to get backup to come. As the enemies soldiers came up in a huge group going to ambush their army Hugh’s best mate said that he is going to take a sacrifice. He suicide bombed the opposing soldiers coming from the capital building. Hugh had to back out. But as Hugh tried to leave he couldn’t not only because he wanted to stay with his team on the ground but because he was getting shot at. He tried his to best to get out of there but just as he was leaving his one of the engines got shot and he wasn’t flying to well and started descending. But very slowly. He was scared of what was to come. Was it fate that his plane was meant to get shot down. Was it karma sending a message. Who knows. But just as he was going down he could see a opening spot to land his plane down. So he prepared to have a rough landing and popped out the wheels and started to fly lower and lower. Then before he knew it he was less than 10 metres away from the ground. Then he landed, a bit of a rough landing but he did it. He got out of the war. Hundreds of miles away from the chaos and death. He thought he was going to die. Just as he landed he got out of his plane. Fell on the ground and just layed there for awhile. As seconds felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours he laid there thinking what could’ve happened if he didn’t leave the war. Thinking of what is happening. He got up and he started walking away. Not remembering that his plane engine was shot. That when he walked about 10 minutes away he heard the explosion of his plane blowing up. Up to this day he never speaks of what happened. 

This is Hugh now.