Friday, 23 March 2018

Swimming Sports

In Room Five we have been learning to write a description and use present tense. After our swimming sports we had to write about it. We wrote how we felt, what was happening, and we had to include some dialogue. Here is my description of swimming sports.

As I walk into the pool building I start getting nervous already. I have butterflies in my stomach too, while I’m waiting for my first race. Suddenly it’s time for people to start swimming in the pool and doing five lengths of overarm. As I nervously wait for my number to come up I cheer for my school. Finally it’s time for me to swim! Waiting for other people to finish their races, I queue up with my opponents. “YAY MY TURN!” My excitement fades away as I step onto the outline of the pool. Then all of a sudden.. CRACK! I dive straight into the pool and get a big shock when I hit the cold water. During my first length of overarm I’m going as slow as my opponents then I speed up on my second length. I’m racing ahead of everyone else and winning. “FIRST PLACE!” I yell. I grab the time on my piece of paper that I take to determine who came first, second, or third. My next number is twenty-nine. The number on the board is already twenty and I am not that ready because I only just got out.

I chatter to my friends, waiting for my turn. “I’M UP!” This time I’m doing two lengths backstroke. Jumping into the water, I get a big shock as the two wooden blocks SLAMMMMMM! With the water splashing into my face I can’t see anything while I’m doing backstroke, and thinking I might come fourth. While I’m splashing my way through the water I can’t see, and when the water splashes into my mouth I can’t breathe. I taste the disgusting chlorine water, feeling like I’m going to bang my head against the wall. “First place again.” I say to myself in surprise, peeking at everyone else still in the pool. Splash Splash Splash is all I can hear from everyone else. Taking my piece of paper, knowing that I wouldn’t come first before the race, I was really surprised once I found out that I came first place out of five people.

My backstroke and overarm lengths done now it’s time to wait for my medley against my friend and it’s just us two boys, me and Alex, that are competing. “I am very nervous that I will lose.” I say in my head. All of a sudden… SLAMMM! Rushing off into backstroke first. Smelling and tasting the chlorine water in my mouth. “Gross.” I think to myself. I’m now at the end of backstroke and turning around for breaststroke wondering who will come first (even though I don’t really care.) I am nervous competing in breaststroke but my confidence feels like it just hovered away. SLAP! I slap the wall with my hand and I’m already racing through in freestyle. Splashing through the water and I don’t see Alex, thinking he might be ahead of me. Slapping my hand against the wall, and I realise I won. I had lots of fun during that race, now it’s time to wait for my underwater swim.

Waiting for my turn again, this time I’m doing underwater swim. “I really don’t know if I’m gonna come first.” I whisper to my friends. Feeling so much pressure on myself waiting for my turn then all of a sudden I realise It’s underwater swim time. Two more numbers away then it’s my turn. I don’t know who I’m racing against and think I might come in the top three for my underwater swim. Then I hear my name from one of my friends “DEAKYN, IT’S OUR TURN!” I slowly walk over waiting for my turn watching other people race as I line up with my opponents. There is only one more person that needs to come up then it’s my turn. It’s now my turn. I step up onto the outline of the pool and get into a diving position and then… BAMMMM! I glide into the pool and go as deep as I can, trying so hard to hold my breath. Then I look around me to see who is still under water. It is now just me and Miro racing because everyone bobbed up out of the water. I can hear everyone cheering for me. I keep on going and going trying my best. Then… Miro finally pops up. “I can do it!” I say in my head. I’m floating up and now, I can’t get to the end and I am also running out of oxygen. I pop up and am at least a metre away from the end. “DAMN!” I yell when I get out of the pool. Just waiting and waiting. Wait, I just remember I don’t have any more races. “YAY!” Now I am allowed to go get changed and I know that I will make it into West Coast because I got first in all my races. I’m changed and now people are doing a relay.

My Opinion
My swimming sports has finished and I enjoyed everything about it. I really want to do my swimming sports again. Maybe we will write about it in the future. I wonder what West Coast will be like and the worst thing is that I heard the Westport is five metres longer than ours! I really hope I will come first in at least one race at West Coast. Will I make it into West Coast next year? The only way I can find out is if I try hard at my swimming.

Friday, 16 March 2018


In room five, we watched a video of a girl who won a bronze medal in the Winter Olympics. Her name is Zoi Zadowski-Synott and she is a Kiwi snowboarder. After we watched the video we started to write about it. The document included sights, sounds, present tense and more. Here is my writing.

Zoi looks nervous as she waits her turn and glares at everyone else who is jumping on the ramp. It is her turn now and she is going for gold. BEEP! The hill takes her and lets her go wherever she wants. She’s gaining speed, gathering momentum and going as fast as she can go. Just 40 metres away from the ramp and… WHOOSH, she is off up into the air. Zoi is looking like she is floating through the air as she does the… DOUBLE BACKFLIP! She lets her board go with one hand, and there’s the next hand off. Trying so hard to balance herself she stretches her arms out like an eagle spreading its wings. She is hearing her name all over the place and wants to win for her fans. Nearly to the end of her jump she looks like she wants to clear the double backflip. SMACK BAM! The jump has been cleared and she slides down the hill, starting to slow right down, skidding at the end as her fans cheer. Zoi looks like she just won the double backflip of the century, she looks so proud of herself and feels like she’s won the gold medal.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Danger Game

In order to play this SMA please: Press the arrow key on your keyboard to move from slide to slide.

Friday, 9 March 2018

That Was Summer

In class we have been writing a poem about summer. We were inspired when we read a summer poem by Marci Ridlon. We had to start each verse with “Remember that time.”  We had to make a long question then another little question after, starting, “Remember how…? We ended each verse with “That Was Summer.” Here is my poem.

Remember that time
when the grass went all brown
Image result for sunand the hot hot sun caused a drought
or that time when you first leapt into the hot car
and drove to the beach
and you sprinted across the hot sand beach  
and you were boiling hot?
Remember how the bees were buzzing around you?
That was summer.

Remember that time
when you jumped into the warm water
Image result for dogs at beachwhen you went surfing
and when you went on trips with your family
and you heard dogs barking in the car
or when you collapsed to the ground?
Remember how you had fun with your friends?
That was summer.

Remember that time
when you ate your yummy lunch
or the time you were dashing through the long green grass
and you stopped running and wanted to go again
or the big white puffy clouds
or the waves crashing into rocks
and when you felt the cold breeze?
Remember how you spent family time at Christmas?
That was summer.

Remember that time
when the big storms hit
Image result for stormand that time it caused lots of damage to the cities and towns
when people’s roofs went flying off
and that time when the huge raindrops splattered down
or when the hail smashed down disintegrating into little pieces
or when the huge hail pieces smacked your window
or that time when you needed five blankets to keep you warm
and when your clothes got drenched outside on the clothesline?
Remember how you were going to play outside but you couldn’t?
That was summer.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Pesky Wasps

In Room five we have been doing wasp activities for reading. This is my second activity that I have done lately. This activity we had to write how wasps are pest. We made a Google drawing and then had to describe how wasps are pests. Here is mine.

Fun Wasp Facts

In Room five we have been creating Google drawings about wasps for reading. There are three wasp activities and the one I'm about to show you is "Fun Wasp Facts." There are two more activities that we have to do. Here is my drawing about wasps.

How To Be A Successful Learner

In Room five we have been learning how to be successful learner in school and in class. We had individual slides and had to write down how we could become successful learners. On each slide you had to at least have four or five words describing how to be a successful learner. Here is my slide.