Monday, 26 November 2018


On Wednesday we had a different teacher, Mrs Meikel. On Wednesday we learnt about knights. We paired up if we wanted to and made a slideshow about Knights. My buddy Ben and I made our slideshow together, here it is.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Spring Book Sentence

During the holidays we had to find a sentence in the book we were reading. The sentence had to be something that described feelings. I got my sentence from the book Refugee. When you find your sentence we had to make a drawing about our sentence. Here is what we needed to include: The title of the book written correctly, the author of the book, the sentence written correctly, the page number you found the sentence and a picture that describes your sentence. Here is my drawing.

Special Place Video

Last term in class we had made a special place video. We picked a place that we really liked and had to get pictures of the place that we were working on. My buddy Noah and I picked Ngahere. After we got some photos of our place we had to put together a video on why people should go to that specific place. Here is my one.