Friday, 23 February 2018

Book Review

In room five, we have been learning how to create a book review. We checked in our reading log and looked at the latest book we have read. We then made a book review about our book, and what it is about. We had goals to set for our selves which were, writing the title and author, what the book is about, what kind of story it was, what your favourite part was, and lots more. My book is called "Diary of a Minecraft Zombie. Here is my book review.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Miro and Solly's Wasp Nest

In room five Miro brought in a wasp nest that was in a cardboard box. He found it at home while he was picking berries and saw wasps flying in and out of an area. He went over and told his dad. His dad then poisoned the wasp nest with petrol.  He found five wasp nests and brought the smallest one in. After he brought it in we started to write about it. We had to describe the wasp nest in different ways of what it looks like, what the wasps do, and where it was found. Here is my writing of the wasp nest.
Miro’s Wasp Nest
Recently Miro brought in a wasp nest in a cardboard box that his dad had poisoned with petrol. He was picking berries in his garden when he realised wasps were flying in and out of an area.

The wasp nest is made out of chewed sawdust that the wasps chew from tree trunks. It looks like a big round oval with heaps of layers and in each layer there are layers of cells shaped as hexagons. It’s a light grey coloured nest with black and yellow wasps. The nest has at least five layers of cells where all the wasp eggs and larvae grow up. When the wasps go into the nest they will sometimes try to make eggs. The wasp nest feels like crumbled up Weetbix and thin paper. There are quite a number of dead wasps that were poisoned, but some larvae haven’t been killed by the petrol. There are baby wasps trying to escape their cells when they’re ready to come out. When the baby wasps escape their cells they will grow up and try to make more wasps and larvae. The wasp nest isn’t that big but it is about the size of a medium sized rock.

In conclusion I think that the wasp nest is quite big and reminds me of weetbix. The wasp nest has five layers of cells that the wasps create eggs in. The wasp nest has a golden tint to it. Inside the layer there are pillars that hold the cells up.
The End

Push Ups For A Minute

In room five we have been learning how to do a statistical investigation. First we did jumping and moved on to groups with the choices of push ups on our knees, step ups and finally basket ball bounces. Blake and I thought of doing burpees, then they changed into push ups because not many people knew how to do burpees. Instead of doing the normal push ups we did an easier version of them on our knees. After all our statistical investigations the people who thought of the choices got handed out everyone's number of basketball bounces, knee ups and step ups. We then put them in size order of smallest to biggest. Here is Blakes and my knee ups DLO.

This Is Me

In room five we have been working on our own slide for our class blog about ourselves. We put some information about ourselves but not any personal information like, our last name and our brothers and sisters names. At the start heaps of people made custom gradient colours. We also weren't allowed to show our faces so me and Blake cut our faces out and put something over them. Here is my slide.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Jumping For a Minute In Room Five

We are learning how to do a statistical investigation and how to draw a stem and leaf graph. One of the teachers had a timer on their phone and timed how many times we could jump. Some people had to do it again because their number of jumps didn't seem right. After we jumped we put our number of jumps on a piece of paper. We then made a document or Google drawing to write our things on. Here is mine.

Friday, 2 February 2018

My Reading Profile

In reading Mrs Idle showed us something called a reading log and a reading profile. A reading log is when you put down the books you have read and then you rate them 1-5. Our reading profile was when we put down our latest books that we like, and our favourite author and many other questions. After that, we made a slideshow or a Google drawing about our reading profile. Here is mine.