Saturday, 30 September 2017


A couple of weeks ago, we joined room two into room three. Our teacher was Mrs.Hahn. We did heaps of fun activities together like musical hoops, SMA slides., funny self-portraits and more. Before lunch we made a SMA slide. SMA stands for "Stop motion animation". Mrs. Hahn let us do whatever we wanted. We paired up in buddies of two and helped each other. Here is mine. Hope you enjoy!

Friday, 29 September 2017

The Tuatara

In room five, we have been learning about NZ native animals. This time we are learning about the Tuatara. We found a buddy for a start then we shared a document to each other then made a paragraph each. Here is mine and Miro's. Hope you enjoy!

The Kiwi

In room five, we have been learning about NZ native animals. This time we are learning about the Kiwi. We wrote it on a document then we found a buddy and put different paragraphs each. My buddy Tane and I made a slideshow about the Kiwi. Hope you enjoy it!

Persuasive Pet Day Writing

In writing, we have been doing pet day writing. We wrote about trying to persuade the reader to get the pet your talking about. When we were finished with our document we then made a slideshow about it. Here is mine. Hope you enjoy it!

Pet Day Advertisment

In my reading group, Saturn, we had to make a pet food advertisement. Mrs. Idle printed out our advertisement and then we glued it on our pet day project. Three things I learned was that advertisements have  contact details. Secondly, they have big bold letters that stand out. Finally, they have things that are big things like the title and pictures which makes the reader interested. Here is my advertisement. Hope you enjoy it!

Supreme Ruler Of The Universe

In room 5, we were reading Storybytes about "The Supreme Ruler Of The Universe." At the start of the story we thought it was actually about the universe, but it turns out in the last paragraph we found out it was about a school. Each class was a universe, and each teacher was a Supreme Ruler of the class/universe. Here is mine and Jake's DLO. Hope you enjoy it!

Friday, 22 September 2017

The Football Champions

In Week 3 room two and room five combined classes in room three. We worked with Mrs. Hahn and made a slideshow based on a true story. We grabbed a buddy that has the same abilities in writing. My buddy Miro and I made the slideshow together and we did a paragraph each. Here is Miro's and mine. Hope you enjoy it!

Sunday, 17 September 2017

Awahono Meaning DLO

In room five, we have been learning about New Zealand place names. We had to tell the meaning in a DLO of our place name. Here is my DLO. Hope you enjoy!

Clothing Combinations

In room five, we have been doing clothing combinations. My buddy Ryan and I made a DLO and we are in challenger. We had to put them in all of the combinations there are. Here is mine and Ryan's. Hope you enjoy!