Thursday, 6 December 2018

Word Art

Over the last two weeks we have been using some boxes for writing kind and honest words about each other. Nearly everyday we got given a name and a strip of paper then we had to write something nice about that person. After a while we thought about making word art with those words that were in our boxes. Here is my word art picture.

Monday, 26 November 2018


On Wednesday we had a different teacher, Mrs Meikel. On Wednesday we learnt about knights. We paired up if we wanted to and made a slideshow about Knights. My buddy Ben and I made our slideshow together, here it is.

Thursday, 8 November 2018

Spring Book Sentence

During the holidays we had to find a sentence in the book we were reading. The sentence had to be something that described feelings. I got my sentence from the book Refugee. When you find your sentence we had to make a drawing about our sentence. Here is what we needed to include: The title of the book written correctly, the author of the book, the sentence written correctly, the page number you found the sentence and a picture that describes your sentence. Here is my drawing.

Special Place Video

Last term in class we had made a special place video. We picked a place that we really liked and had to get pictures of the place that we were working on. My buddy Noah and I picked Ngahere. After we got some photos of our place we had to put together a video on why people should go to that specific place. Here is my one.

Wednesday, 31 October 2018

Pet Day Info

In class we have been writing an information report for pet day. We had to talk about the animal you were describing in general and write in present tense. I think I could of improved on my actual writing because I'm not sure if I did it all in present tense. Here is my video of my information report.

Thursday, 6 September 2018

Super Saturday News

In class we have been using WeVideo. On WeVideo we have been making some videos and we have been learning to edit our videos. My buddies Alex, Ryan, Miro and Chloe-Rose have done a video on refugees and how many have been accepted into New Zealand. We also made an unnecessary weather broadcast on this for no reason. Here is the video.

Monday, 3 September 2018


In class I have made an extra thing for my writing about headphones. I put my opinion on why we should have headphones. Here it is.

Friday, 31 August 2018

We Need Headphones

In class we have been writing about headphones and if we should keep them or not. Some people picked against and some people picked for. Here is my writing


Firstly we should keep the headphones otherwise if we don’t there will be no reason to have a playlist.
Jo would have wasted her time on putting all of that music on our playlist for nothing.

Secondly if we don’t have headphones then our class will be like a huge disco.
People will be yelling and wanting to get up and dance or sing to the song that a person is playing and then other people will start getting distracted.

We can also block off all of the sounds that distract us when we have headphones.
Because when you don’t have headphones some people might be talking or some people might be yelling or making some annoying noise with the tape by ripping off and pulling on it.

Finally people don’t only use them to listen to music, headphones are also used to listen to the video your watching or just to concentrate on your work.
You start to see people with youtube or something like that on one of their tabs and see them watching it and that video is most likely to have sound.

In my opinion I think that headphones have to stay in the class because we will get distracted. We should always have headphones even though people can get kind of distracted I think we should keep them so we can block off all noise.

Thursday, 30 August 2018

Minecraft Mahomed Train Station

In class we have been doing reading activities and I have done a train station on Minecraft. The train station came from Mahomed's part of the book. Mahomed was hoping to get to Germany on the train and at the same time there was lots of refugees. Here are some pictures of my train station.

Friday, 24 August 2018

Emotive Words

In class we have been working on different types of words for spelling. We had the choices of, rhetorical questions, emotive words and way more that I can't remember. My buddy Ryan and I picked emotive words and then we put in some examples of emotive words and we also put a one sentence definition for what emotive words mean. Here is my DLO.

Thursday, 16 August 2018

Refugee Camp/Minecraft

In class we have been reading a book called Refugee and one of the main characters, Josef, Josef's father went to a refugee camp and one of our activities was to make a refugee camp on Minecraft and that's what me and my two buddies did. The main things we put in were people and tents because a refugee camp is basically just a bunch of tents. Here are some pictures of our refugee camp.

Friday, 10 August 2018

Look into his Eyes

In class we have been writing about a boy from a picture and we had to describe what we could see was in his eyes. We also had three sentences that were basic and then we had to turn them into amazing sentences with lots of descriptive words. Here is my piece of writing.

Here are the basic sentences:
It is night time.

A boy walks on a road.

He sees a figure.

He feels happy.

Here are my sentences:

It’s a full moon night where the weather is stormy and the lightning is striking down on the trees starting forest fires where the trees fall down on each other and snapping in half.

Jacoby lumberes over to a little shelter that is dimly lit by a boiling hot fireplace that hasn’t been put out.

Jacoby hears a twig snap and slowly turns his head around like a turtle walking and spots a mysterious figure wearing black clothes so no one can see him.

He glances at the figure and still isn’t sure who it is so he starts shining a light at the figure and sees who it is, he starts to grin then he smiles, IT’S HIS LONG LOST DAD!

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Ali's Story

In class we have been writing about a story which is called 'Ali's Story'. We read this little picture book to refer to the chapter book we are reading called 'Refugee'. We got to write about it in two different ways. The first way we could write about this story is that we were the main character or we could write it in a way of being the narrator.

Thursday, 26 July 2018

Descriptive Sentence

For the holidays we had to do a descriptive sentence which is where we have to pick a describing sentence from a book and mine was from Diary of a Wimpy Kid. We had to include the author, the page number where you found the sentence a sentence that described. Here is mine.

Friday, 6 July 2018

Total Annihilation 4

My two buddies Tane and Miro made a screencastify on Total Annihilation 4. My buddies and I made sound effects throughout the slideshow so we made it more interesting. Here is the slideshow.

Sid the Cat

In room five we have been writing about a cat called Sid who comes to our school. We wrote about him and we had to describe what he looks like and more. The words we used to described are; sights, sounds, position, colour, doing, and more. Here is my writing.

Who is Sid? Sid is a cat that comes to our school nearly every day. He gets fed by us and the business that is next to our school. Sid is named after the book “Six Dinner Sid.” 

Sid is a black and white cat that sneaks around our school looking like he owns the place. I’m guessing he just wants attention and food and lots of other things. He runs around the school which makes him look like a random stray cat that scampers across the field and into the playground. He also has green swampy eyes and has a black smudge on his nose that looks like a map of Africa or a flag.

Sid likes to come in and annoy classes while they’re doing work. I have heard room six talking about Sid constantly coming into their classroom. Nearly every time he comes into our classroom he has to get put outside. We have had to put him outside so he doesn’t distract us otherwise we won’t get any work done at all. He likes to rub against people’s legs and people are always making the same sounds over and over again. Whenever I see him I usually just say “Hi cat” but now I say “Hi Sid” because he has a name now. He always rubs against my leg and then I say hi and just leave him but then he gives me the goo goo eyes, because he wants me to pat him.

Sid is always in many different positions and lots of them can be in classrooms. He get up on the trolleys in our class and sits there. He gets taken down from them and then he gets put outside or everyone just pats him and stays inside for a while. He likes to lie down on people’s laps and falls asleep which can be annoying because if you are doing work and then you need to do a lap around the school or something he moves and he might not like getting moved or woken up. Most of the time I see him walking on the veranda where everyone can see him.

In conclusion I think Sid is a cool cat that walks around the school and rushes into the classrooms. I wish he could stay and be with us but he has been found by his owners now and is now all safe in his house.

Saturday, 30 June 2018

Another Place, Another Time

In class we have been writing a story called Another Place, Another Time. We got a picture and described whats in it and then we wrote our own story in our own words and in our own ways we created a story. Here is my writing.

As the sun set over the dark and misty horizon the wind blew the water from side to side. The sun set as Josh, Manny, Benji and Klaus disappeared into the foggy background, where you could barely see the wrinkly water. They travelled off into the distance where it was like being in a zombie apocalypse because of the fog. Manny was somehow born with a kind of superpower where he could lift up anything. Even though he was just 18 years old, he could still lift up anything he wanted. Klaus was just a very smart kid who could figure out almost anything. Benji and Josh were just very talented.

Click on this link to see more writing: Another Place, Another Time

Friday, 29 June 2018

C S Lewis

For reading I have been working on a slideshow about the famous creator of Narnia. I am going to tell you some facts about C S Lewis. Here is my slideshow about C S Lewis.

Thursday, 28 June 2018

Picasso Portrait

In class we have been writing about Pablo Picasso. We did a portrait based on his cubism period. We were learning to do the facial features on the face and where everything is meant to be placed. We mixed different paints to make the colour we wanted for our hair, our face our eyes and other things we needed to paint. We were also learning to do the profile of the face when we were doing our portrait. Here is my portrait.

Reading Plus Progress

In class we have been recording our Reading Plus progress. We did a Screencastify. We had questions written down on a document and had to memorise the questions which was quite easy. I am going to show you how my Reading Plus progress has been going. Here it is.

Friday, 25 May 2018

My Reading Profile

In class we have been working on our reading profile. In our reading profile we had to put the latest books we have enjoyed, our new goals for term two and a book a friend suggested we should read. Here is my reading profile.

Thursday, 17 May 2018

Danger Game 2

During times at home me and my friend Miro and been making the second Danger Game. In order to play this SMA/Stop Motion Animation you need to: Click the arrow keys on your keyboard to move from slide to slide.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

What is Orange Poem

In room five for writing we have been writing poems. One of the poems are "What is Orange?" For this poem we had to pick a colour and make our poem. My buddy Blake and I picked the colour black. Blake and I tried to make our poem relate to our colour which was easy but the rhyming part was hard because we couldn't find many rhymes that made sense. Here is our poem

What Is Black?
Could black be batman?
Or could it be a ninja?
Maybe a shadow
Of a ginger ninja,
Blacker than the night sky
Would you like to say hi
Or will it be a good-bye
Blacker than a bright light
Blacker than a funeral
Blackberries are black
Black like a black blanket
Black basketballs that bounce high,
And black soccer balls with a black and
yellow pattern on them
Blacker than a black cat
Blacker than a trampoline mat
A Black cave
A black hole
A big black Thunder cloud
Dropping black raindrops,
Black as a bat
Or a piece of coal for
The naughty children
Screaming in the blackout of movie theatre

Tuesday, 8 May 2018


In class we have been learning about angles for maths. We made a screencastify with a buddy and made things called angle indicators. With angle indicators you can make all the angles that you know. The angles we know so far are; acute angles, obtuse angle, a straight angle and finally a reflex angle. Here is Blake and I's screencastify on angles.

Friday, 4 May 2018

Welcome Back

My first week of school has finished. YAY! I'm back to school now with all of my friends too. So far I am enjoying school with my friends.

Wednesday, 2 May 2018

Descriptive Sentence

During the holidays we had to find a sentence that described someone or something. We also had to put the page number we found the sentence on, who the author was, the title of the book and finally the sentence. The book I read to get my sentence was "The Hunger Games" which has four movies and 4 or 3 books. Here is my Google drawing.

Saturday, 14 April 2018

Cycling: A Sporting Moment in Time

A few weeks ago we brought our bikes to school for a safety check. We worked with Constable Joss and our signs for when we are biking on the road or on the foot path. After biking we started to write about it. We used present tense to make the reader feel like he/she are actually there. Here is my writing.

Finally we start biking through and around the court. As I whizz through the middle of the court felling like I am in a sports car. We start to do a course. When we start to cycle on the course, it is really well made. I’m racing to the ramp feeling like I am in a RACE! When I fly up the ramp again, I feel like I can touch the clouds. The other jump look easy but really they are not that easy. So I just race as fast and I can and clear the jump like I am nearly going to fly out of space. I skid around the cone and bolted over the ladder. At the end I try to do another skid. When I put the brakes on, I nearly did a skid and instead I made a awesome parking like a car.

We buddy up and practiced our signals riding through the middle of the court. My seat is as hard as metal, but when I push my hands into it, it feels like foam. “Oh no, my chain cover broke!” No worries it doesn’t do much, it just protects the chain from dirt and mud.

Back to the course. Same thing over and over but… “AHHHHH!” I failed the jump and fell off the ramp. I feel nervous going over the next one and I cleared it again but just before you know it I SMASH, to the ground making my bike slower as I dashed past the cone. Over the bumpy ladder, a little bit o zig zag. All of a sudden in line again. Waiting and waiting as I chatter to my friends and at the time it my turn to rush around the track. Ramp number one is a cleared jump for me, and ramp number two… “NOOOOO NOT AGAIN!” As the chain scraps my leg skin and flows to the ground. “OUCHH!” Waiting in line trying not to scream about the chain scraping my leg. As I chatter to my friends making me feel better. I think I am about to start a race, I pretend I’m on a motorbike, VROOM VROOM, like I could be a SUPERSTAR flipping through the air. SMACK! I hit the ground. I then go around a cone, bump, bump, crack, on the ladder. Then a little zig zag, and back at the start again. We have now finished and It’s time for Constable Joss to leave. I had so much fun biking and learning things to do when you bike on the road.

Book Review

In room five we have made a book review on the latest book we have read. I haven't finished my book but it is the only book I can put on my book review. My book is "Tom Gates Everything's Awesome" and I might do another one of the first Diary of a Wimpy Kid. We had to include: the author, the title, what it is about, what is the problem and more. I included all of them and didn't have any more space or things to add in. One important thing we had to add in is that we had to describe the main character. If you want to see my first book review click on this link: My Book Review. Here is my book review on Tom Gates.

Friday, 13 April 2018

Global Warming

In room five we have been reading about Global Warming for Infobytes. We had to buddy up and make a Google drawing about it. My buddy Jackson and I have made ours and here it is. After we finished our drawing we had to post it on our blog. My buddy Jackson and I have made ours and here it is.

Autumn Haiku

In room five, we went on a site called Haiku. Haiku is a site where you make poems. It is not a big poem but it is still worth making it. Haiku is also a traditional Japanese poem. We had to count the syllables that were in our sentences in our poems. Before we finished it, we had to count how many syllables we had in our sentences too. We had a limit of syllables that we could put in each line. The numbers went, five, seven, five. Here is my poem.

Thursday, 12 April 2018

Swimming Term 1

In room five, we have been writing about our swimming in term one. Our teacher shared out a slideshow and then we put what we had to put in. Here are some questions that we answered. What did you enjoy about swimming? Who helped you improve your swimming? There are some more that we answered. Here is my slide.

Tuesday, 10 April 2018

Life Education Harold

A few weeks ago we went to Life Education with Harold. This time with Harold we learnt about the body and the foods we eat. We went with Harold twice and the second time we went with Harold, Isabel got picked for an x-ray on her body. After Harold left the school we buddied up and made a Google drawing. My buddy Blake and I made our Google drawing on Harold and here it is.

Friday, 6 April 2018

Hunting and Fishing Competition.

In room five, we have been learning to write a description and use present tense while writing it. This time we wrote about the Hunting and Fishing Competition. We had to describe what was there and what was happening. My goal in this was to hook the reader in. Here is my description.

Hunting and Fishing
Strolling down the track, making my way down to the domain where all the Hunting and Fishing stuff goes down, I notice a huge white marquee with heaps of dead animals around it and huge trucks that are holding different animals that are dead. As soon as I make my way down I already smell the rank goats, dried up blood and death of the animals. I’m here now and I don’t know what to look at first. I gasp at the amount of hares that are in big sacks and trucks. The deer hang down from trucks and it’s not just deer, there are much more on the trucks that are hanging down. I suddenly get a small glimpse of the ripped open stomachs of deer, goats and more. I stare at all of the deer on the back of trucks and magpies with a little bit of fish. Chatter, chatter is all I hear from everyone and I can’t see any more fish.

I amble across the grass to the fish section and check out how many fish there are. I look at the people weighing their fish and other animals on the scales. After a while of staying around the dead animals I kind of feel bad for them and disgusted. I feel kind of left out because this is my first ever time going to a hunting and fishing competition. I start to wonder if there are any eels or something like that around.
I wander around the domain and try to find some eels. I finally find the eels and now I would like to touch them. When I touch one I feel like I am touching a huge pile of slime on a huge rock. I’m not sure what to look at now because there is not much more to see so I go home.

I really liked the Hunting and Fishing Competition and seeing all the animals that people caught. I was a little interested when I saw the amount of deer and chamois that were caught that were also hanging down.

Friday, 23 March 2018

Swimming Sports

In Room Five we have been learning to write a description and use present tense. After our swimming sports we had to write about it. We wrote how we felt, what was happening, and we had to include some dialogue. Here is my description of swimming sports.

As I walk into the pool building I start getting nervous already. I have butterflies in my stomach too, while I’m waiting for my first race. Suddenly it’s time for people to start swimming in the pool and doing five lengths of overarm. As I nervously wait for my number to come up I cheer for my school. Finally it’s time for me to swim! Waiting for other people to finish their races, I queue up with my opponents. “YAY MY TURN!” My excitement fades away as I step onto the outline of the pool. Then all of a sudden.. CRACK! I dive straight into the pool and get a big shock when I hit the cold water. During my first length of overarm I’m going as slow as my opponents then I speed up on my second length. I’m racing ahead of everyone else and winning. “FIRST PLACE!” I yell. I grab the time on my piece of paper that I take to determine who came first, second, or third. My next number is twenty-nine. The number on the board is already twenty and I am not that ready because I only just got out.

I chatter to my friends, waiting for my turn. “I’M UP!” This time I’m doing two lengths backstroke. Jumping into the water, I get a big shock as the two wooden blocks SLAMMMMMM! With the water splashing into my face I can’t see anything while I’m doing backstroke, and thinking I might come fourth. While I’m splashing my way through the water I can’t see, and when the water splashes into my mouth I can’t breathe. I taste the disgusting chlorine water, feeling like I’m going to bang my head against the wall. “First place again.” I say to myself in surprise, peeking at everyone else still in the pool. Splash Splash Splash is all I can hear from everyone else. Taking my piece of paper, knowing that I wouldn’t come first before the race, I was really surprised once I found out that I came first place out of five people.

My backstroke and overarm lengths done now it’s time to wait for my medley against my friend and it’s just us two boys, me and Alex, that are competing. “I am very nervous that I will lose.” I say in my head. All of a sudden… SLAMMM! Rushing off into backstroke first. Smelling and tasting the chlorine water in my mouth. “Gross.” I think to myself. I’m now at the end of backstroke and turning around for breaststroke wondering who will come first (even though I don’t really care.) I am nervous competing in breaststroke but my confidence feels like it just hovered away. SLAP! I slap the wall with my hand and I’m already racing through in freestyle. Splashing through the water and I don’t see Alex, thinking he might be ahead of me. Slapping my hand against the wall, and I realise I won. I had lots of fun during that race, now it’s time to wait for my underwater swim.

Waiting for my turn again, this time I’m doing underwater swim. “I really don’t know if I’m gonna come first.” I whisper to my friends. Feeling so much pressure on myself waiting for my turn then all of a sudden I realise It’s underwater swim time. Two more numbers away then it’s my turn. I don’t know who I’m racing against and think I might come in the top three for my underwater swim. Then I hear my name from one of my friends “DEAKYN, IT’S OUR TURN!” I slowly walk over waiting for my turn watching other people race as I line up with my opponents. There is only one more person that needs to come up then it’s my turn. It’s now my turn. I step up onto the outline of the pool and get into a diving position and then… BAMMMM! I glide into the pool and go as deep as I can, trying so hard to hold my breath. Then I look around me to see who is still under water. It is now just me and Miro racing because everyone bobbed up out of the water. I can hear everyone cheering for me. I keep on going and going trying my best. Then… Miro finally pops up. “I can do it!” I say in my head. I’m floating up and now, I can’t get to the end and I am also running out of oxygen. I pop up and am at least a metre away from the end. “DAMN!” I yell when I get out of the pool. Just waiting and waiting. Wait, I just remember I don’t have any more races. “YAY!” Now I am allowed to go get changed and I know that I will make it into West Coast because I got first in all my races. I’m changed and now people are doing a relay.

My Opinion
My swimming sports has finished and I enjoyed everything about it. I really want to do my swimming sports again. Maybe we will write about it in the future. I wonder what West Coast will be like and the worst thing is that I heard the Westport is five metres longer than ours! I really hope I will come first in at least one race at West Coast. Will I make it into West Coast next year? The only way I can find out is if I try hard at my swimming.

Friday, 16 March 2018


In room five, we watched a video of a girl who won a bronze medal in the Winter Olympics. Her name is Zoi Zadowski-Synott and she is a Kiwi snowboarder. After we watched the video we started to write about it. The document included sights, sounds, present tense and more. Here is my writing.

Zoi looks nervous as she waits her turn and glares at everyone else who is jumping on the ramp. It is her turn now and she is going for gold. BEEP! The hill takes her and lets her go wherever she wants. She’s gaining speed, gathering momentum and going as fast as she can go. Just 40 metres away from the ramp and… WHOOSH, she is off up into the air. Zoi is looking like she is floating through the air as she does the… DOUBLE BACKFLIP! She lets her board go with one hand, and there’s the next hand off. Trying so hard to balance herself she stretches her arms out like an eagle spreading its wings. She is hearing her name all over the place and wants to win for her fans. Nearly to the end of her jump she looks like she wants to clear the double backflip. SMACK BAM! The jump has been cleared and she slides down the hill, starting to slow right down, skidding at the end as her fans cheer. Zoi looks like she just won the double backflip of the century, she looks so proud of herself and feels like she’s won the gold medal.

Tuesday, 13 March 2018

Danger Game

In order to play this SMA please: Press the arrow key on your keyboard to move from slide to slide.

Friday, 9 March 2018

That Was Summer

In class we have been writing a poem about summer. We were inspired when we read a summer poem by Marci Ridlon. We had to start each verse with “Remember that time.”  We had to make a long question then another little question after, starting, “Remember how…? We ended each verse with “That Was Summer.” Here is my poem.

Remember that time
when the grass went all brown
Image result for sunand the hot hot sun caused a drought
or that time when you first leapt into the hot car
and drove to the beach
and you sprinted across the hot sand beach  
and you were boiling hot?
Remember how the bees were buzzing around you?
That was summer.

Remember that time
when you jumped into the warm water
Image result for dogs at beachwhen you went surfing
and when you went on trips with your family
and you heard dogs barking in the car
or when you collapsed to the ground?
Remember how you had fun with your friends?
That was summer.

Remember that time
when you ate your yummy lunch
or the time you were dashing through the long green grass
and you stopped running and wanted to go again
or the big white puffy clouds
or the waves crashing into rocks
and when you felt the cold breeze?
Remember how you spent family time at Christmas?
That was summer.

Remember that time
when the big storms hit
Image result for stormand that time it caused lots of damage to the cities and towns
when people’s roofs went flying off
and that time when the huge raindrops splattered down
or when the hail smashed down disintegrating into little pieces
or when the huge hail pieces smacked your window
or that time when you needed five blankets to keep you warm
and when your clothes got drenched outside on the clothesline?
Remember how you were going to play outside but you couldn’t?
That was summer.

Friday, 2 March 2018

Pesky Wasps

In Room five we have been doing wasp activities for reading. This is my second activity that I have done lately. This activity we had to write how wasps are pest. We made a Google drawing and then had to describe how wasps are pests. Here is mine.

Fun Wasp Facts

In Room five we have been creating Google drawings about wasps for reading. There are three wasp activities and the one I'm about to show you is "Fun Wasp Facts." There are two more activities that we have to do. Here is my drawing about wasps.

How To Be A Successful Learner

In Room five we have been learning how to be successful learner in school and in class. We had individual slides and had to write down how we could become successful learners. On each slide you had to at least have four or five words describing how to be a successful learner. Here is my slide.

Friday, 23 February 2018

Book Review

In room five, we have been learning how to create a book review. We checked in our reading log and looked at the latest book we have read. We then made a book review about our book, and what it is about. We had goals to set for our selves which were, writing the title and author, what the book is about, what kind of story it was, what your favourite part was, and lots more. My book is called "Diary of a Minecraft Zombie. Here is my book review.

Friday, 16 February 2018

Miro and Solly's Wasp Nest

In room five Miro brought in a wasp nest that was in a cardboard box. He found it at home while he was picking berries and saw wasps flying in and out of an area. He went over and told his dad. His dad then poisoned the wasp nest with petrol.  He found five wasp nests and brought the smallest one in. After he brought it in we started to write about it. We had to describe the wasp nest in different ways of what it looks like, what the wasps do, and where it was found. Here is my writing of the wasp nest.
Miro’s Wasp Nest
Recently Miro brought in a wasp nest in a cardboard box that his dad had poisoned with petrol. He was picking berries in his garden when he realised wasps were flying in and out of an area.

The wasp nest is made out of chewed sawdust that the wasps chew from tree trunks. It looks like a big round oval with heaps of layers and in each layer there are layers of cells shaped as hexagons. It’s a light grey coloured nest with black and yellow wasps. The nest has at least five layers of cells where all the wasp eggs and larvae grow up. When the wasps go into the nest they will sometimes try to make eggs. The wasp nest feels like crumbled up Weetbix and thin paper. There are quite a number of dead wasps that were poisoned, but some larvae haven’t been killed by the petrol. There are baby wasps trying to escape their cells when they’re ready to come out. When the baby wasps escape their cells they will grow up and try to make more wasps and larvae. The wasp nest isn’t that big but it is about the size of a medium sized rock.

In conclusion I think that the wasp nest is quite big and reminds me of weetbix. The wasp nest has five layers of cells that the wasps create eggs in. The wasp nest has a golden tint to it. Inside the layer there are pillars that hold the cells up.
The End

Push Ups For A Minute

In room five we have been learning how to do a statistical investigation. First we did jumping and moved on to groups with the choices of push ups on our knees, step ups and finally basket ball bounces. Blake and I thought of doing burpees, then they changed into push ups because not many people knew how to do burpees. Instead of doing the normal push ups we did an easier version of them on our knees. After all our statistical investigations the people who thought of the choices got handed out everyone's number of basketball bounces, knee ups and step ups. We then put them in size order of smallest to biggest. Here is Blakes and my knee ups DLO.

This Is Me

In room five we have been working on our own slide for our class blog about ourselves. We put some information about ourselves but not any personal information like, our last name and our brothers and sisters names. At the start heaps of people made custom gradient colours. We also weren't allowed to show our faces so me and Blake cut our faces out and put something over them. Here is my slide.

Friday, 9 February 2018

Jumping For a Minute In Room Five

We are learning how to do a statistical investigation and how to draw a stem and leaf graph. One of the teachers had a timer on their phone and timed how many times we could jump. Some people had to do it again because their number of jumps didn't seem right. After we jumped we put our number of jumps on a piece of paper. We then made a document or Google drawing to write our things on. Here is mine.

Friday, 2 February 2018

My Reading Profile

In reading Mrs Idle showed us something called a reading log and a reading profile. A reading log is when you put down the books you have read and then you rate them 1-5. Our reading profile was when we put down our latest books that we like, and our favourite author and many other questions. After that, we made a slideshow or a Google drawing about our reading profile. Here is mine.

Tuesday, 16 January 2018

3 Facts about Maui

In room five we were checking out a site called Summer learning Journey. The Summer Learning Journey is a site that has different activities to do. The activities are about different centuries in history. The first activities you do are in the 18th century then goes on to the 20th century. The first activity is writing three facts about Maui. We read a story about Maui and the fish and read it with a buddy. We then made a separate google drawing or slideshow. Here are my three facts about Maui.