Friday, 8 May 2020

Mum's Super Power

This week we are focusing on mothers day stuff. So far we have had to write a poem, write a paragraph on why we love our mums and why we thank them so much, then we also had 10 questions written down and had to answer them and see who knew their mum the best, and finally we had the super power writing. For this we had to choose a super power our mum/stepmum would have. Then we had to write down 1-2 paragraphs on why they would have this super power. Here is my writing.

I asked Lucy (my stepmum) what her super power would be if she got to choose. She said to me either flying or super strength. I chose flying. Here are my reasons why I think she could have flying.

I think that Lucy would like the super power flying because it’s so much fun. Considering at the moment Lucy has a very sore foot she wouldn’t have to walk around but just fly around. It would also be a much funner and faster way to get around town and the valley. Noticing that when things are flying like planes they usually go way faster than anything. So if you were to fly you would be going pretty fast. Another thing about flying is you could save money. Such as when you drive you are paying for gas. So imagine how much money it would save if you could fly.

For some mums its very hard having children. Especially when they have at least 3 or more. Obviously I don’t live with 2 other siblings I only live with one other sibling. Lucy sometimes gets frustrated with my little brother because he’s always getting into trouble and making a mess. He is seriously a savage child this one. Lucy probably sometimes just wishes that she could get away from this child for even 15 minutes. That’s why I chose flying. So if she ever got too frustrated then she could just fly away and have some time to herself.

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